Got a goose problem?

A no harm, no fowl solution

We have a solution!

We here at Goose Man Jack MB have a better treatment for your goose or fowl problem. No need for vehicles to tear up your property, harmful bird repellents that are bad for the environment, or getting yourself harmed by doing it yourself.

By using a remote-controlled ground craft, known as “Lucy”, our method is a safe and humane alternative for keeping local geese out of your area. Lucy was designed to mimic a natural predator, confronting them with its bright orange body and loud roaring propellers.


Hear from others

"I wanted to tell you how fabulous the Goose Man Jack has worked for us...
As a superintendent, I've been fighting the goose problem for 15 years... I now spend at least 5 times less on labor and, my estimate would be, have gone from having to drag fairways, tees, and green surrounds once a week and still having a mess out there, to having to search for any goose droppings. That is the most amazing, no goose dropping. There seems to be a residual effect of keeping them away. Lucy is the closest thing to magic I've seen."

South Suburban Golf & Tennis Club -  Phil Jacobson
"Everything with Lucy is working great,
we are waiting on the migratory geese to arrive so we can use it some more. We have tried many different goose control products, and the Goose Man Jack has been a great addition to our arsenal."

The Broadmoor - Michael Sartori
"We have tried so many different ways...
to decrease the damage geese do to our golf course. This is by far the best purchase we have made in trying to decrease the damagae and labor hours that geese cause. We are looking forward to a spring when we don't have to spend coutnless hours reparing goose damage. It is unbelievable we have zero geese now that the Goose Man Jack patrols our property."

Hyland Hills Golf Course - Jeff Stoumbaugh
"For years, the Town has been searching for a humane but effective deterrent...
The town employs dogs, rubber decoys, egg addling, and staff to clean up the mess left behind by the Geese. None of these methods has been nearly as efficient as Goose Man Jack. Lucy quickly convinces the local Geese (weather feeding on park lawns or in the water bodies) to move on their way. Within minutes, and after very little training, the Town staff is able to operate Lucy. The lightweight and portable design is perfect for a small community with multiple hotspots for Goose nesting and grazing. To sum it up, Lucy is a cost-efficient tool for dealing with existing Goose populations and a fantastic addition to any integrated Goose control operation."

Public Work Department's Parks and Open Spaces Division - Brandon Schmitt

Get started today!

Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how these geese will come to fear the aggressive and territorial Lucy. Our process is simple, we use the Lucy to scare away the flock for each session and then over time the geese will learn to stay away from your property out of worry that Lucy will return.  No harm, no fowl.