Who's Jack?

Your local goose father

how it started

Jack Baldwin founded Goose Man Jack MB in February of 2018 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jack had left New Jersey after 55 years, having served 27 as a firefighter and 26 in security. He started Goose Man Jack MB.com with a vision of giving a better quality of life to those who enjoy the outdoors.

Geese have become a problem and I was looking for a way of co-existing in a peaceful manner. Goose Man Jack MB has found the solution – we are all about being a green company – we “haze” the geese to seek a safer environment to graze, rest, and reproduce – we are a small company with a big solution

Meet lucy the Goose chaser

What is Lucy?

You see, Lucyis an electrically powered remote control ground craft designed to humanely deter geese from your property

It works by acting as the geese’s new predator. The geese perceive it as a predator that now occupies the property and will “hunt” them if they land. Lucy is sturdy and resilient, making it able to withstand various conditions.

How it works

Lucy is better than any other goose repellant product out there. By mimicking a natural predator, Lucy chases down the geese and scares them out of the area. Repeating this process for a couple of weeks will cause the geese to proceed to avoid your property. Through consistent engagement, they learn to fear Lucy and will learn to avoid its territory.

It’s great for golf courses, parks, and public areas with high traffic of geese. Whether it’s on grass, water, snow, or even ice, Lucy can glide across the surfaces with ease.